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Pitching Screen - $299.00

Sock-Net Hitting Screen - $329.00

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Completely collapsible, uniquely portable, extremely simple to use... 


“I highly recommend the Pitch Safe™ pitching screen to any program at any level. We use ours at the PAC 10, Division-1 level and find them to be excellent. They are the most portable, the simplest and quickest to assemble, and very durable. For teams with a lot of equipment to transport, there is no better screen than the Pitch Safe™ pitching screen.”
---Kirk Walker, Head Softball Coach, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR


“It is the best thing I’ve seen for saving somebody’s life. Its so easy to set up. Its tough, and, I mean, its taken some line drive hits. Its something every team needs. Batting practice is when you can really hurt somebody, but with that screen, well, you can just fire it up the middle as many time as you want. Its one heck of a machine. Its a fair price and well worth every penny. Any time you can keep someone from getting hurt, you’ve got to do it.” 
---Bruce Meade, The “Babe Ruth” of Slow Pitch Softball, Bradenton, Florida

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  • For everyone. Girls and boys, women and men, and players of all abilities from T-ball to professional -- Softball or Baseball!

  • Uniquely portable. Everything fits into a channel just 5 inches square, like a slim bat bag - ready to go by foot, car, rail, or air!

  • Cost effective -- about the same price as one high-tech bat!

  • Very simple to use. Nothing to bolt, snap, fasten, or screw -set it up or take it down in just 25 seconds!

  • Rugged and tough -- built from all-weather heavy duty net, construction-grade fiberglass, heat-treated aluminum alloys, and numerous stainless steel and other rust-resistant fasteners!

  • Available in two models -- the Pitching Screen (76” tall x 38” wide, 20 pounds) and the Sock-Net Hitting Screen (76” tall x 48” wide, 22 pounds)!

  • In use at many universities,  high schools, and numerous amateur youth and senior teams! Featured in Softball Magazine in June 2001!

  • The patented invention of Patrick Bidelman, Ph.D., past college and semi-pro baseball player, life-long college teacher, and currently an infielder on the Florida Legends national championship senior softball team!

Setup in under 25 seconds! 
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